Finding the right people since 1979.

In agribusiness recruiting, the right people don’t usually come to you, they’re found.

AA Specialists - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

True agribusiness specialists

Other people say they're specialists, but we really are. Our people network and assessment processes have been growing since 1979.

AA Talent pool - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

A talent pool of 200,000+

Good people need to be found. With a candidate database of over 100,000 and a LinkedIn following of over 50,000, we know where to look, and how.

Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

All agribusiness & food industries

We cover the entire agri-food chain, including livestock, broad acre, grains, horticulture, animal nutrition and health, distilling and wine.

AAC Suite farmhand - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

From ceo/md/gm to middle managers to entry-level

With ex-CEOs and senior managers in the team we know what's needed to recruit senior level roles and middle managers, through to graduates and farmhands.

Do-It-Yourself Recruitment Guide

Thinking about doing your own recruitment? Learn from the experts, here is a DIY Guide to Recruitment from the professionals in Agribusiness and Food Recruiting since 1979, put together by the team at Agricultural Appointments.

Learn about the steps in the process, how to advertise, scan and quickly understand a candidate’s resume, the amount of time involved in searching, and ultimately, making a successful placement.

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Our People Will Find Your People

DR RAY JOHNSON - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

Dr Ray Johnson

Managing Director
Ray is a research scientist & CEO with over 33 years of industry experience.

BRETT PRICE - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

Brett Price

Director - Recruitment
Brett is an animal nutritionist and the general manager for recruiment.

Dave Compton RBM - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

David Compton

Dave has an extensive background in both recruitment and agriculture, which he applies to acheive results.

HOWARD WOOTTON - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

Howard wootton

Howard’s broad senior management experience of 33 years encompasses many departments of business.

DR BELINDA CHUNG Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

Dr Belinda Chung

Belinda is the operational lynchpin of the Agricultural Appointments team and oversees service operations.

Peter Walters

Peter Walters

Peter's extensive experience including senior management positions with leading rural retailers and international agrochemical companies has allowed him to forge a strong industry understanding within the sectors of large scale and corporate farming, suppliers, retailers, food manufacturing and Agtech.

ANNIE FU - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

Annie Fu

Proficient in Mandarin and English, Annie's has in-depth knowledge of Asian HR practicies and recruiting areas.

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