17 Obstacles to Recruiting Agribusinesses Talent

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As anyone who has worked in the agribusiness sector knows, attracting well-qualified candidates to agricultural industries has become more and more difficult in recent years.

From a dearth of degree-qualified candidates to unrealistic expectations from prospective employees about remuneration, agribusinesses face mounting challenges to attracting and retaining talent.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Agricultural Appointments www.agri.com.au, getting candidates who are qualified enough to do the job in question, is the sector’s number one gripe. In the 2014 survey, it was listed by 64% of businesses surveyed as their biggest challenge.

Here’s what 17 of the businesses surveyed said were their biggest challenges to recruiting the right talent:

  1. “Providing a defined career path due to the small size of our company.”
  2. “Identifying people who have the necessary drive and long-term commitment to our company. Many are considering their next career step as soon as they begin work with us.”
  3. “Insufficient understanding of the agricultural sector in WA, the opportunities it presents and the need to embrace technology to progress.”
  4. “We select the best person that is available in the recruitment pool but this person is not necessarily the right person for the position.”
  5. “Difficulty competing with the high wages currently being paid by the mining industry.”
  6. “Being based in a remote area means isolation and the limited social interaction.”
  7. “Money! Gen Y – regardless they’ve had a bit of experience – have high expectations on salary.”
  8. “Longevity of employment: these days, people never seem to stay in one place for very long.”
  9. “Finding people who are comfortable with change and are culturally flexible.”
  10. “Getting candidates to move to the location.”
  11. “Attracting talent who have an affiliation or empathy with the industry, and are enthusiastic to drive change.”
  12. “Finding candidates with the right cultural fit for the business as well as realistic expectations.”
  13. “Bright, socially astute individuals tend not to be drawn to isolated regional employment.”
  14. “Finding skilled, motivated people that are committed to a medium/long term period.”
  15. “Our biggest challenge is to find and attract the next generation of talent to the industry to meet our long term needs.”
  16. “Our major concern is attracting talented horticultural staff to regional sites.”
  17. “Selling the benefits of living in a semi-rural environment away from the bright city lights and facilities.”

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