Recruitment Services

Connecting You With The Right People

Business performance relies on having the right people. And as the wider industry evolves, knowing how to find, assess, select and manage the right people is invaluable.

In fact, in industry research we conducted in 2014, one of the key things clients told us was:

“The recruiter needs to really know your business and your people so as they get the cultural fit right. This is more important than the academic fit. If they don’t work culturally – it doesn’t work.”

To this recruitment challenge we bring our specialist knowledge of people in this industry.

To access the 80% of skilled people open to new opportunities as well as the 13% of skilled people actively looking for a new role we combine our deep, human experience with:

A widespread industry network built up over

0 +

Years of practice

A database of over

0 +

Agribusiness, food and wine professionals

A collective Linkedin network of over

0 +

Connections and access to over 10 million professionals in our Network


  • Understand your specific needs: We actively strive to understand you and your company, to find the people who will thrive in your culture and the role.
  • Save you time: We do the hard yards in preparing position descriptions, selecting advertising media, reviewing applications, answering queries, interviewing candidates, checking references and keeping candidates engaged.
  • Save you money: We know how to attract only the most suitable candidates for job opportunities within the industry and we have a large database and network of potential candidates. There is no wastage and no unnecessary expenditure.
  • Provide you with better candidates: Many candidates prefer to explore job opportunities through agencies that specialize in their field of employment. They choose Agricultural Appointments because we are recognized as leaders in our field.
  • Ensure your peace of mind: Agricultural Appointments provides a secure and highly confidential service. This is extremely important in a competitive commercial environment, to avoid alerting your competitors to your needs or plans.