Psychometric Testing

Matching you to industry leaders

Psychometric testing is increasingly used to enhance the quality and quantity of information available in recruitment, pre-hire. In addition, there’s growing research that well-constructed, relevant psychometric tests can aid the prediction of job performance and considerably enhance traditional selection techniques such as interviews and references.

Psychometric testing also ensures that all candidates are measured by a common benchmark and can help to challenge stereotyped judgments made by interviewers. In short, psychometrics can reduce the risk of a ‘bad hire’ by providing a better-matched and more motivated candidate.

Psychometric tools may also be used to aid in promotional decisions, management leadership programs, team assessment and team building, outplacement and redeployment plans and for organizational development programs.


  • Provide a candidate’s psychological profile matched precisely to the job role
  • Provide a totally objective candidate evaluation free of any interviewer bias
  • Identify a candidate’s strengths, areas for development and how to manage them for best performance

Test results are individually interpreted by a registered psychologist and benchmarked to the specific position.