A Time for Rest, Revival and Renewal  

A Time for Rest, Revival and Renewal

The end of the calendar year for many coincides with a time so busy and short-staffed that employees are reluctant or unable to take a break. Such practices, unchecked, unfortunately lead to work-induced fatigue and burnout. Furthermore, recent years have been profoundly more challenging than normal with the astonishing and unprecedented impact of Covid.

One of the biggest contributors to employee turnover during the holiday period is leaders who fail to acknowledge and respect the need to refresh and revive. Uninterrupted leave can be a major contributor to future productivity. If, on the other hand, employees are denied it, instead of turning their thoughts to New Year resolutions, they may instead turn their attention to finding alternative employment which provides more satisfying or challenging work conditions or better work-life balance.

Managers would do well to engage with employees towards years end. It is easy to assume what team members value and what their pain points have been, but the only real means of knowing is to ask the question; such as:-

What is working for them and what, if any, frustrations are encountered in the job? Are there areas where more support might assist? Are there means by which the role can be made more fulfilling?

It is also an ideal time to connect employees to the vision for the upcoming year. Are there plans for new initiatives, new products, challenges or technology that can be shared, which can excite them?

End of year is a good time to engage with and reassure high performing and high potential employees. Not to do so may result in them considering their options in a market being constantly scanned for superior performers.          

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