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What Can Agricultural Appointments Help You With?

We know people.

It’s a claim others make but in our case, we’ve got a track record that began in 1979. From our network in the industry to our network on social media to our knowledge of how to assess, select and manage, Agricultural Appointments know people. Let us help you find people in the agribusiness, wine, food manufacture, and retail industries.

Agribusiness Recruitment Services

We fill agribusiness jobs at all levels – from corporate farms to life sciences multinationals; from CEO’s, middle management to graduates.

Food Manufacturing & Retail Recruitment Services

We find specialist talent for food manufacturers and retailers in R&D, production, marketing and sales roles.

Wine Recruitment Services

From cellar door to out on the road; from wine makers to wine marketers; we find specialist talent across the wine, liquor and beverage businesses.

We specialise in filling Agrijobs since 1979

Serving the agricultural community with our specialist agribusiness recruitment services

If you are looking for a recruitment agency that is uniquely qualified to help you in your agrijob search, then you have come to the right people. Agricultural Appointments has been working with companies in the agriculture sector for over 40 years and has built a strong reputation for our services relating to agrijobs in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and beyond.

We are specialists in our industry with a pure focus on the agribusiness sector and understand that agrilabour is the greatest asset to any company. Our team of recruitment experts is committed to serving the agricultural industry by supporting our candidates in reaching their employment goals and assisting our client employers in building an outstanding team.

Our high success rate is a result of our in-depth discovery process, professional approach and outstanding reputation with candidates and employers alike. We know the needs of Australian agribusinesses and always look beyond a candidate’s resume to find an agriworker that will fit the culture of your team and contribute to your business for years to come.

Agricultural Appointments is a Leader in Recruiting within the Agriculture Industry

All Agricultural Appointments’ recruiters have a background in agricultural science or another related agribusiness industry and use our vast network of professionals to perfectly match agricultural workers with suitable employers. This network includes a database of over 200,000 qualified candidates and over 100,000 LinkedIn connections.

We source agrilabour for all types of businesses including agribusinesses, wine and food manufacturers and retail companies and pride ourselves on our highly professional manner and the high-quality agrijob services we offer.

Do you want to know more about who you will be working with? Meet our team! All our recruitment specialists have a passion for agribusiness and are agrilabour recruitment experts.

Finding the Perfect Candidate for Agriculture Businesses in Australia

The Agricultural sector is a major employer in Australia and contributes $75 billion to the economy every year. With over 318,000 people employed in the agriculture, fishing and forestry industries, it’s essential for employers to choose a recruitment agency to find suitable candidates for their consideration.

Headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales with offices in Newcastle, Queensland and Victoria, our team of dedicated recruitment specialists takes great pride in supporting our clients and candidates through a range of agrijob services that are tailored to their specific needs.

Finding the Perfect Candidate for Agriculture Businesses in Australia

Some of the agrijob services that we offer our clients include:


We find, assess, select and manage the perfect candidates for agrijobs. We have a vast network of talented professionals and understand the needs of both employers and candidates in the industry.


Some of the outplacement services that we provide include psychological profiling, feedback and advice on career opportunities, interview skills training and job search assistance.

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Psychometric testing

We perform psychometric testing to ensure the candidate’s psychological profile matches the job role. This form of testing eliminates any bias that the employer may have and ensures that candidates are selected for the right role.

Executive searching

If you’re searching for a senior manager such as a CEO, general manager or board member, then it’s extremely difficult for an employer to find a candidate that ticks all the right boxes. Agricultural Appointments use our expertise to find the perfect fit.

Free Up Your Valuable Time by Outsourcing Your Recruitment Needs to Agricultural Appointments

We are actively involved in the agribusiness industry and use our years of experience and knowledge to find the best agrilabour for businesses. We understand that our clients have unique needs so we can tailor our agrijob recruitment services to suit you.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the services that we offer, please feel free to contact one of our expert recruitment consultants on 02 9223 9944 or send us a message using our enquiry form.