GEN Y – 17 Facts Agribusinesses Need To Know

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As the average age of farmers in Australia continues to grow, attracting younger workers has never been more important.

But how can an industry where the average age of participants is in the mid fifties, hope to compete with technology savvy workplaces in cities?

Understanding Generation Y – those 18-35-year-olds who will be the dominant group in the workforce by 2020 – is the key.

Here are 17 vital statistics agribusiness owners can’t afford to miss if they want Gen Ys in their sector:

McCrindle Social Research firm says Gen Y’s ….

  1. Average more than four careers in their lifetime.
  2. Stay an average of 2 years in a role.
  3. Work for 17 employers in their lifetime.
  4. Have a voluntary turnover rate in excess of 15%.
  5. One in three work casually or part time.

 Deloitte’s Milennial (Gen Y) Survey says Gen Y’s

  1. Seek out businesses that make a positive contribution to society, foster innovative thinking and develop their employees’ skills.
  2. Want a great work-life balance, an inclusive employment culture and a varied professional role.
  3. 50% want to work for a business with ethical practices.
  4. 78% are strongly influenced by how innovative a company is when deciding if they want to work there.
  5. Believe the biggest barriers of innovation are management attitudes (63%), operational structures and procedures (61%).
  6. Almost one in four want a chance to show their leadership skills.
  7. 50% believe their organizations could do more to develop future leaders.
  8. 43% actively volunteered or were a member of a community organization and 52% signed petitions.

Milennial Branding’s Work Expectations study says …

  1. 81% of Gen Ys likes to work with technology to accomplish their goals.
  2. 56% of Gen Ys want their managers to let them work independently.
  3. 42% of Gen Ys say money will motivate them to work harder.
  4. 52% of Gen Ys say honesty is the most important quality in a leader.

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