2015 Agribusiness Salary and Trend Report

Exclusive insights into the agribusiness sector

If you’re in agribusiness, you’ll know two things:
  • Getting the right talent is harder than ever
  • Paying them what they want is a stretch
This exclusive report into skills shortages and salary trends in Australian agribusiness maps out the strategies that will help you attract and retain the best candidates as well as what you need to pay them. With agribusiness set to boom with the rise of the Asian middle class, it’s essential reading.

The Report includes

  • 20 year review of salaries including what you should offer today
  • How to engage Generation Y (which will be the biggest sector of the workforce in 5 years)
  • How to attract candidates to regional and remote areas
Also, read how two dynamic agribusinesses drew younger, enthusiastic graduates into their businesses and how a third thought outside the box to fill a gap in its workforce.
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“This report sets out how and where agribusinesses should implement human resources solutions to attract and retain staff, in what will be an unprecedented growth period ahead.”

Dr Ray Johnson, Managing Director, Agricultural Appointments