Five Ways to Repel Top Talent

Five Ways to Repel Top Talent - Agribusiness Recruiting - Agricultural Appointments

Most companies will confirm their desire to attract superior candidates yet the hiring processes of some send a very different message.

Here are FIVE Sure Turnoffs for Candidates:-

  1. Vague or Absent Position Descriptions. Candidates will judge the professionalism of an employer on the detail and accuracy of a Position Description and/or their willingness to share it with candidates.
  2. Over-selling the role. Ensure that position descriptions and other elements that contribute to the total picture of a role are up to date and accurately reflect the true nature of the role. Employers should endeavour not to over-sell a role, lest they sow the seeds of future dissatisfaction.
  3. Only Short Listed Candidates Will Be Contacted. This message in a job advertisement is a clear indicator of the respect such an employer has for candidates, and most likely be an indicator of how they treat their employees. If candidates take the time and effort to submit an application surely it is not unreasonable to acknowledge receipt of their application and to inform them of the outcome.   
  4. Unplanned or drawn out selection processes. Ideally, a candidate should be informed of the nature of the selection process when they are short listed. And yet, candidates, commonly report that some employers appear to have an ad hoc interview and selection process, often adding additional hurdles to the process which are of questionable value.
  5. A Long Hiring Process. With top candidates in short supply you can’t risk losing out on top talent because of a process that is too drawn out. Really good candidates will often have other options and are likely to pursue them.   

Be aware that your hiring process is a very real reflection on your brand. Candidates will draw conclusions from any adverse hiring process which they encounter and will readily share it with their colleagues. Ensure that candidates are treated with the respect that they deserve from them taking the time and effort to demonstrate an interest in your company.       

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