Some Tips To Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer.

Some Tips To Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

Congratulations! You have made it through the job search and interview, now you are being offered a job. Here are some things to consider before you accept the role. Your initial reaction might be to accept the job offer straight away in the excitement of the moment. However, take some time to consider the offer and understand what it entails.

  • Get the job offer in writing. This will outline the obligations of the role, the salary on offer, your benefits and entitlements to annual leave. Ensure that all items comply with your expectations. Do ask questions about items you are unsure of or were not aware of from the initial job description.
  • Make sure you understand the role you will be playing in the company. Ensure that you understand how you fit into the company.
  • Find out why the job is vacant, is it a new position, did someone leave and if so, why did they leave. Make sure that the job is not flawed.
  • Consider the company and its people. You do not always know what kind of people you will be working with; think of the person/people you were interviewed by. Did you feel comfortable with them? Do they have the level of professionalism and type of personality that you would be comfortable working with
  • Make sure you find out what types of hours are expected from you. You may think that the hours are set, but may find out later that you are expected to work longer. Be aware whether you will be paid overtime or not, if it is included in your salary or if it is extra. You have to be happy with the job hours and the commitment it will take before you accept a role
  • Another aspect to consider is your vacation days as well as sick and personal days. Ensure you are aware of the policies. If you need different holidays due to your religion etc, ensure you will be able to take them without penalty.
  • You must be able to see yourself working in the company. Consider how long your commute will be, the dress code and the atmosphere of the company
  • Research the company culture and their values; this will help indicate what type of workplace you will be entering.

Once you are offered a role, you are in control. The company want you, so effectively the ball is in your court. If you are sure it is the job you want and are excited to start in the company, then go ahead and accept the offer. However, if you feel the job is not what you are looking for or does not suit you then decline the offer in a gracious manner.

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